Pgirl-image-channel gallery

pgirl gallery

Pgirl-image-channel gallery is a website dedicated to my lifelong image hoarding habits. I selected pictures from a folder in my lifetime dataset which originated from a discord channel. I coded a Neocities site from scratch to present 14 acrylic paintings I created from the dataset. Click to see the website. Click to see blog posts on the development of the website.

Divorcee p5.js sketch

This does not display properly on mobile. Click here to experience it in full including the very loud web oscillator. This woman has just gone through a divorce and is singing with joy.

Ice Spice vs Sophie Anderson Go Fish

ice spice v sophie

Ice Spice vs Sophie Anderson is two player Go Fish meant for two people sitting at the computer. This is a semi functional universty project. All art and assets were created by me. Coded in Python.